08/03/2016 11:41 am

Catholic chaplains, charities and volunteers work in every prison throughout England and Wales – supporting thousands of prisoners and their families every year.

Our advocacy in this area The Right Road - 2016 926.41 kB includes campaigning for better mental health services, more opportunities for family contact, and greater use of Release on Temporary Licence.

We are also working hard to protect prisoners’ access to chaplaincy, which has proven benefits for rehabilitation and supporting those at risk of self-harm or suicide ( Belief and Belonging 696.84 kB ). 

Outside the prison gates we support initiatives like ‘Ban the Box’ which help people back into work after serving their sentence.


Belief and Belonging

belief-and-belonging-final-070416.pdf 696.84 kB

A research document that looks at the spiritual and pastoral role of Catholic chaplains for Catholic prisoners. 2016.


The Right Road

The Right Road: a Catholic approach to prison reform was today published by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales. Drawing upon the experienc...Read more