Bishopric of the Forces

The Roman Catholic Bishopric of the Forces differs from any other diocese in that it is not aligned along geographical boundaries but encompasses anywhere in the world that United Kingdom military personnel are serving or deployed.

The Bishopric strives to provide the very best operational, spiritual and pastoral support, primarily for Catholic servicemen and women, their families and chaplains, wherever, whenever and in whatever form is needed, and additionally to respond to the needs of anyone of any creed or none who turns to a Catholic Chaplain for support.

Chaplains of all three Armed Services serve on operations, where their pastoral care and Sacramental ministry bring hope and consolation in the most challenging of circumstances. Their presence in training establishments and in the myriad of other services contexts is vital to personnel and their family members alike.

A Principal Roman Catholic Chaplain is present in each of the three services. Currently, there are seven chaplains serving in Royal Navy and two chaplains in the Royal Air Force. The Army is served by 17 regular chaplains, two military support chaplains, an officiating chaplain to the military, five TA chaplains and five ACF chaplains.

The Cathedral Church of St Michael and St George is situated in Aldershot, as are the Bishopric Offices, where the Sacramental records for all Armed Service personnel and their families are held.


Rt Rev Paul Mason

The Right Reverend Paul Mason is the Bishop for the Forces. Born in North Shields, Tyne & Wear, in November 1962, Bishop Mason was ordained to the priesthood in July 1998.

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