Mother Church

Cathedral Church of St Joseph

Cathedral Church of St Joseph, Swansea, Menevia

The story of St Joseph’s is one of struggle and hardship and of the triumph of faith over things material. It was the dream of Father Wulstan Richards, OSB who came to Greenhill in 1875. It was designed by Peter Paul Pugin, took two years to build and was opened on 25th November 1888.

The Cathedral is a Grade 2 listed building. It was erected over a hundred years ago and needs continual repair and maintenance. A complete overhaul was undertaken several years ago which involved a new roof and building work to prevent against damp. In addition alterations to the crypt and strengthening processes were also undertaken.

The elevation of the Church to Cathedral status was also associated with several alterations.

The Cathedral now stands as an outstanding symbol of the Catholic Faith in Wales’ second city. Inevitably, a building of this size and significance requires continuing maintenance and from time to time major refurbishment.