Crossing the Threshold

Diocesan Pilot Project

04/12/2015 6:04 pm

As part of the 'Crossing the Threshold' project it was decided that a parish-based pilot project was needed to explore how best parishes in England and Wales might be supported to plan and initiate local evangelisation, with a specific focus on ministry and outreach to non-churchgoing Catholics.

The Department for Evangelisation and Catechesis is very grateful to the then Bishop of Nottingham, and now Archbishop of Liverpool, the Most Rev Malcolm McMahon, who agreed to host such a project with his staff.

The aims of this project were for each participating parish to:

1. Raise Awareness - of their unique calling and role in the New Evangelisation

2. Deepen Understanding - of the Church’s teaching on the New Evangelisation.

3. Form An Evangelisation Team - recruit a team made up of ordained and lay members in each parish to help animate and coordinate parish evangelisation.

4. Form A Prayer Team - recruit a prayer team / intercessors to support the efforts of the CTT Team and to pray for all the needs of the parish (e.g. involving the housebound and local religious houses).

5. Equip - participants to move forward with confidence to initiate ongoing evangelisation initiatives in the form of a mission plan.

6. Outreach - enable each parish to run two outreach seasons (e.g. Christmas and Easter).

Full Report

A full report of the diocesan pilot project is provided and includes:

  • A timetable of what was offered and done by the participating parishes
  • An analysis of what worked and what was learnt

Diocesan Pilot Project 20.02 MB

It is hoped that other parishes in England and Wales might consider running a similar pilot in their area. If you’re interested please contact the Bishops’ Conference Home Mission Desk.


Diocesan Pilot Project

ctt-project-report-1215.pdf 20.02 MB

How can Catholic parishes respond to the pastoral reality that at least two-thirds of the baptised Catholic community in England and Wales is non-churchgoing? This booklet summarises the fruits of a parish-based pilot project that was offered in Nottingham Diocese.