National Office for Vocation (NOV)

The National Office for Vocation is an Office of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales. Its mission is to build a culture of vocation in the Church in England and Wales and to promote the calls to specific vocations, including priesthood, the diaconate, marriage, the religious life and all other forms of consecrated life.

The inspiration for the creation of the Office came from the Church document of 1997 entitled New Vocations for a New Europe (In Verbo Tuo) This offers a vision of the Church as a community of the called whose task is to call others.

The Chair of NOV is the Rt Rev Terence Drainey – Bishop of Middlesbrough.

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Discovering Vocation

Within the Church ‘vocation’ is used in various ways so let’s clarify those different meanings as they apply to Christian living. Everybody has a vocation and discovering that vocation is a key step on the journey of faith.

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