The Catholic Church has been for many the source of a variety of spiritual paths. All have certain things in common: desire for union with God, centred on Jesus Christ and are expressed in love for the world and its people. They are often traced back to a person who had a particular insight and developed a form of prayer or spirituality. Some key names are: Ignatius, Benedict, Francis and Clare, John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila, Thérèse of Lisieux.

The different forms of prayer or spirituality are ‘like the colours of the spectrum which all point to the pure light of God. They all start with a fundamental element of faith, so as to lead — in each case by a different gate—to the centre of the faith and devotion to God. Thus Franciscan spirituality starts with poverty of spirit, Benedictine spirituality with the praise of God, and Ignatian spirituality with discernment and vocation. A spirituality to which some feels attracted, depending on their personal character, is always a school of prayer. (cf. YouCat 497)


Spirituality Committee Resources

Building on the Spirituality document Do You Love Me? the Spirituality Committee is producing a series of resources to assist parishes explore the document. These include a number of follow-up materials which are intended for use in the Year of Mercy

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Consultation Days

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Spirituality Committee

The Committee was set up in 2002 to explore what is happening in spirituality within the Catholic Church in England and Wales and to work with dioceses to develop prayer and spirituality. Currently, there are three main strands to the work of the Committee.