Bishops' Conference Departments

The Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales has six departments: Catholic Education and Formation, Christian Life and Worship, Christian Responsibility and Citizenship, Dialogue and Unity, Evangelisation and Catechesis and International Affairs. The Office for Migration Policy (OMP) works within the Department of International Affairs.


Life and Worship

The Department for Christian Life and Worship advises the Bishops on subjects relating to the material and spiritual life of the Church. A key area of the De... Read more


Responsibility and Citizenship

The Department of Responsibility and Citizenship assists the bishops in promoting Catholic social action. It promotes marriage and family life, offers suppor... Read more


Dialogue and Unity

The Department for Dialogue and Unity works to foster cooperation with other Christian traditions and other faiths. It also implements Catholic Church teachi... Read more


Education and Formation

The Department of Catholic Education and Formation is responsible for promoting Catholic education as well as encouraging lay, priestly and religious vocatio... Read more


Evangelisation and Catechesis

The Department of Evangelisation and Catechesis assists the Bishops’ Conference to help Catholics know and share their faith. A particular focus of the Depar... Read more


International Affairs

The Department for International Affairs assists the bishops and the Bishops' Conference in developing their policies on international affairs. Read more