Caritas Social Action Network

CSAN is the official agency of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales for domestic social action.

It is a family of social action charities collectively known as the Caritas network which is supported by the CSAN team.

The Caritas network works for the most vulnerable people of society across England and Wales, providing support for families and children, the elderly, the homeless, refugees, the disabled, and prisoners.

The national team of CSAN, based in London, works to strengthen and facilitate the network, conduct policy and advocacy work and use its ‘voice’ at a national level.

CSAN is a member of Caritas Internationalis, within the Caritas Europa group and, in the structure of the Bishops' Conference, is part of the Department for Christian Responsibility and Citizenship.

The official website of the Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN)