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The Catholic Education Service (CES) represents the Bishops’ Conference’s national education policy in relation to the 2200 Catholics schools, academies and colleges across England and Wales, which make up 10% of the national total of maintained schools. Educating over 800,000 students across England and Wales, Catholic schools are some of the most ethnically diverse in the country.

Advocacy - Education

"Our schools put into practice what it means to be Catholic: a community centred on the person of Christ, forming its members in Christ and looking outwards to serve and enrich the wider community." 

Archbishop Malcolm MacMahon, Archbishop of Liverpool, Chairman of the Catholic Education Service.

The Catholic community values the ways in which its long established partnership in education with local and national government has enabled it to develop and strengthen the distinctive nature of Catholic education in England and Wales. It is committed to maintaining and improving the quality of education in Catholic schools and colleges, and seeks continuing recognition of and support for their significant contribution to state education from politicians, administrators and officers of education agencies.

In the light of its long experience, its achievements in state funded education and of its current concerns, the Catholic community will continue to examine education policies and party manifestos in order to ensure that:

The trustees and foundation governors of Catholic schools and colleges are enabled, through legislation, to maintain the distinctive nature of Catholic education for current and future generations of pupils and students

There is a place in a Catholic school for all Catholic children whose parents wish them to be educated in a denominational context

All schools are funded equitably at local and national levels and that collaboration between schools and colleges is not jeopardised by systems of funding

Measures are in place to enable all pupils and students to achieve their potential and that disadvantaged children, in particular, have the necessary support to enable them to play their full part in the life of the school and the community

Opportunities are provided, through initial education and inservice development, for Catholic teachers to be trained to teach effectively in Catholic schools

All teachers are valued and appropriately rewarded for their service to the community and, especially, to the children they teach and their parents

The vocation to teaching is widely recognised and celebrated within and outside the profession.

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